Impact Predictor has been designed to enable you to provide a quick indicative calculation of the economic impact of a new investment on the local community. For example a Local Authority may be considering using an area of land to create a new leisure facility together with retail space, and housing.

Simply enter your organisations name value and select the various types of additional income for the community which will be generated from the project. Capital expenditure is preselected. Finally enter the unit type you want to use for example for a £50million investment select millions.

On the next screen enter the relevant figures remembering that capital is a one off figure. Income source income is an annual figure.

The summary shows the indicative impact of the project as a whole with both annual and capital effects shown. It calculates how much each £1.00 will generate for the local economy. In addition an indication of the the number of Full time jobs is also shown. The underlying calculations for each revenue source can be seen by clicking on the link in the Revenue Source column